Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cobra Heart

I just wanna kill a cobra and rip the heart out. And eat it while it's still beating.


jeshka said...


Peter said...

ew, and i add, whats that?!?!?

heh, my bot preventing code was "vgwck" - say it.

YouKeyOh said...


vgwck vgwck vgwck
there i said it, what do i win

jeshka said...

no not yum i shall enforce super kancho of death doom and destruction that not even you, yukio the all knowing impervious to kancho one, not even you can stop

YouKeyOh said...

the only problem with your plan is that you're not quick enough to give me a kancho. i'd dodge and give u a supersonic deep impact. take that foo!