Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Fresh Projects

Quite a few projects have already been laid in front of me by today, the 3rd day of the year 2008. They are separately very interesting and I feel like gambling and I'm picking them all up. I might be, and I hope I will be, really busy juggling these projects at once. I'm really excited. Oh ya, and each of them will get me some chunk of dough, I don't mind that at all.

I've always been "imagining" myself doing business in a vague big field globally. I used to run a business when I was younger. It was tough, very tough, but I had so much great times and learned a lot. If I have to pick what was the most valuable thing I gained from this is the strength to get up and look up at any circumstances. Anyways, I had to let it go eventually. Since then, I decided to step away from running a business until I decided to do it again. I've been looking for some factors to determine if I want to make a move or not.

But tonight, when I was chatting with my roommate, I realized that I've been looking for wrong factors. Or rather, I realized different styles of doing business that do not require factors I was looking for. The factor that popped up in my mind tonight was "I like that, sounds like fun." That was it, and I realized that's enough for me to get my lazy ass up. It was one of those "ah ha!" moments. Chatting with my roommate often make me think. I'm glad that I have my roommate, DJ OGGY. I'm sure I'll talk about him some other times.

So I'm not gonna bother telling you what my roommate and I discussed tonight right now just because I'm starting to feel lazy at this moment. I don't have much I can tell you now anyways. I can just say these projects are separately related to education, graphic design, music and entertainment.

In conclusion, the forecast of my new year looks brilliant and I'm excited!

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