Wednesday, January 9, 2008

California Rolls Failed, It's Proven

So after writing a post about California roll two days ago, I just happened to go to this non-authentically Japanese sushi restaurant called Restaurant Hama down in Venice. We had 5 people, each ate at least one set of roll, a few bottle of sake, tuna tar tar etc... I ordered one of those rolls as well since I thought that ordering nigiri would add too much cost and we can't share. One of the rolls were actually pretty good. It was called Temptation Roll and had "dynamite (scallop, shrimp, squid grilled with garlic mayonnaise sauce)" in the roll. But the rest was... well, alright. Each roll cost between $13 - 17... that's a price for a frigging decent meal!

The total bill was $220 plus tip. Each of us paid around $60. Was I or any of us satisfied? No. We just left there thinking "wow, it was not cheap." If I went to Hama Sushi in Little Tokyo and order a bunch of nigiri and sake for two till I get full, satisfied and tipsy, it would cost me about $50 - 60. About the same as how much I paid tonight per person. But I would leave the place with full satisfaction. Oh ya, and I don't eat a single piece of roll sushi there.

Whether sushi is good or not cannot be told by rolls because most of them are fusion food where they put low quality seafood anyways.

Well, I just have to say that I had a great time dining with good friends but the food was not great, thanks to expensive but not-so-good rolls.... damn rolls!

That is all for tonight. Carry on.

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