Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Dreams - In the Sky

Recently I've been playing in the water and I do love the beach.

But there's something that nothing else can top... the sky. Since I was little, I've been dreaming about flying. Not in the airplane, not with a hang glider, just all by myself nothing attached.

Pretty much like these guys... They are my heroes... One day, one day!
It's really too bad humans don't have wings.

I almost cried when I first saw this... imagining how wonderful it would feel to be flying so fast in these beautiful mountains

What a rush, what a rush!


jeshka said...

ya......no.....this is fail of the most extreme kind. i would never be able to stomach this....but good luck to you yuyuchan when you become pancake i shall be there to clean up the mess

YouKeyOh said...

thank u stinky!