Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oh My "God"

So my night plan had a slight change and I ended up staying home alone tonight. I'm not going out, and my roommate is not home. And, that's alright. I decided to take this opportunity to watch some educational and entertaining stuff that I sometimes dip myself into to indulge my geeky side. I like quantum physics, astronomy and the fact that human is so small.

So, at some point I bumped into this clip (see below). It's just about a clip introducing and explaining the nature of black holes. Some physics and astronomical, some explained but still largely theoretical, "thinking" of one of the many, many, and I mean MANY phenomenon in this infinite universe.

Before I go on, let me just quickly make this little thing clear... I think that the universe we are in is "infinite." In theory, it is currently agreed by many scientists in different domain that the universe is finite. But, to me, this "limit" they talk about is ridiculously and unimaginably astronomical, by the standard of this tiny being like me, human, can be considered infinite. I mean, there might be a limit in everything, but hey why would you even want to call it a limit when such a limit is virtually nonexistent to whoever is determining what is and what is not a limit.

So anyways, by watching this 10-minute clip, I have come to this conclusion of life. My body, my life, my family, friends, all of my past, present, and future, this society, this country, this world, this planet, everything we can possibly know about every thinkable thing, everything and everything, all of this, this world, is one tiny event that happened by mere coincidence of one of the many phenomenon that happens once a while by a series of highly unlikely coincidence. And, by highly unlikely, it may be considered quite often by astronomical standard.

I believe in science. But, this does not mean that I do not believe there is a higher being. That's not true. I do believe that there is something bigger than human. But I think that that higher being isn't Jesus Christ or Brahman or Allah. It is not some imaginary spiritual "thing" I personally made up. I think it could be possible that it is just natural providence of this vast universe. I'm sorry if you feel uncomfortable reading this, if you do believe in some religion. But on this one, I can't back down because this is what I believe.

I mean, think about it. At least what we all know is that the universe is pretty damn big. And, the knowledge we have about them is virtually nonexistent compare to what it actually is. In other words, we don't know jack shit. But then again, we also know that there are hundreds of incredible phenomenon happening somewhere out there, events that is beyond out imagination. Human is so small. Its life is so short. What it has created and passed on and will pass on since the beginning of its existence is atomically small. This entire series of coincidence that made the earth and all living things inside and all the causes that made this happened is just another thing that can happen in the world of universes (Just a quick note: I believe that there are multiple number of universes, so I used the "world of universes").

The planet human and all other living things have lived on has, according to widely accepted theory, 5 billion years of history. That number already throw me out. I mean you can understand the number 5 billion, but can you actually imagine and realize how long it is? If you can, let me know. I think you must be quite unique. But, well. I can't. According to the Big Ban theory (which had been the most agreeable theory but recently challenged by some other refutable theory), this universe we live on has a calculated age of 13 billion years. Uhm, yeah, ok, that sounds fricking long. How big? 10^30 light years long. What the hell does that mean? Again, we can explain it by words and think about it in theory, but do you actually know how fast the light can travel through space, objectively and relatively? And by relatively, by comparing other crazy phenomenon. By theory, there cannot be absolutely any thing that can travel faster than the light. Well, we may just not know about that because we only know so much about everything. We are, after all, thinking with human brain. How can a human be so arrogant to think that we know something about something completely? Do we even know if human can possibly know and understand about something completely? Hehe, that is actually a tricky question. I'm not saying that human is incapable of it. I'm just saying that human can understand only what a human is capable of imagining.

So, back to my belief about science. I mean, who are we to say, with confidence, hey Jesus and God teamed up and created human and environment and they are the ultimate being of everything? There are so many bizarre and spectacular, unimaginable, incredible, unbelievable phenomenons happening out there in the universe, like black holes, warm holes, super nova, "time travel," "space travel," creation and destruction of gazillions of things. Can what made us here today is merely a series of astronomical coincidence and not some gods in different beliefs and shapes but they pretty much teach all the followers the same damn things? Love and peace and some other catchy phrases for their money and war businesses? Can you be absolutely sure that it is not possible?

Hey, what I said here today has come out of my mind. A human mind. So I could be totally wrong because my thoughts do not go beyond my imagination. But, you can't really rule this out completely, can you?

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