Tuesday, June 17, 2008

just a quick thought

The company I work at is I guess some kind of a big deal in particular area of entertainment industry or something. It's almost everywhere on the planet where there's a computer with the Internet connection.

Shame, we're not doing so hot in Japan. Japan is considered one of the world's biggest trend setters. If the company really is a big deal, why can't they penetrate the Japanese market? When U.S. pop culture is increasingly becoming obsolete in the world competition, they need to come up with a strategy that's focused on the future. But instead, they are putting their full force on what is selling now. Japan is a perfect market where the company can try out many different things and get feedbacks from the market in rather a short period of time at comparably minimal risk to investors.

For example, one of the primary reasons why they are not big in Japan is because... people in Japan don't use computer to browse the Internet, they got fancy cell phones that can let them call, listen to music, email, short mail, voice mail, take good pictures (last one I saw had 3.5 Megapix and they said that's 2 generations old...), and pretty much what you can do on the Internet with a browser. And, they often search for information that they need in 3 minutes, not in 3 days or 3 months from now. Let's say your meeting lasted longer than planned and you need to rush to the next meeting. One would look up when the next train is coming to a certain station, and when he needs to transfer to another train in how many minutes and stuff like that. They need the information right this minute, and services are right there for the cell phone users. And they are lots of cool and fun stuff you can do on the cell phone that are perfect for killing time.

So, you see, they don't really use or need computers as much as many other people in different countries. They use cell phones.

And, our company sucks at providing cell phone services! OUCH! They can't even test it on a market like Japan because the cell phone contents are horrible. It doesn't even catch my attention because it's close to none-existent. So they pretty much do not have a cutting edge at all.

I just wanted to vent out whatever on my mind right this minute with no conclusions whatsoever and I said it all, so good night.


jeshka said...

i agree with you on this. it could also be that the company is dying out in popularity maybe as well.

YouKeyOh said...

And I agree with you on the company losing its popularity to some degrees. I shall start my own kindgom.

Jenn said...

I'm rather surprised that the company (or at least the direct one) has not produced a more iPhone/mobile-friendly application or microsite for mobiles.
But then I look at how behind it is in other things, and I know why.