Friday, May 16, 2008

China Sichuan Earthquake: They need help - You could help

The following is from this youtube clip:
Added: May 13, 2008
We need your help!
My best friend is still missing!

Thanks everyone! we found my best friend and all my family members. I really feel the power of prayer. Let's keep praying for all of other families there who still can not find their families and relatives or who have relatives died, they still need our helps.

I deeply understand that we are the only few families who were so lucky to have such a good ending.

Thank you for all of my families here again for your prayers. Without your support, we probably will not be so lucky.

Right now, many families lost their relatives and a lot of people still missing. survivers need medical care, food and water badly. please make donations to help them.


Mercy Corp online donation.
Canada Red Cross Online Donation.
China Red Cross Online Donation.

If you reside in the US,especially if you are in greater Los Angeles area, you can call 1-626-974-0153 to get details on how you can help. Monetary and Material donations are both urgently in need.

Asian American associates on that phone line will help you complete and allocate your donations in the most efficient way.

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